It all started when...

I decided to incorporate my love for meeting new people and making new connections with my passion for pleasing others into a lifestyle thus was the birth of Ashley Desmond.

A sensual woman, a passionate lover, voracious reader, makeup enthusiast, your dream girlfriend. 

Dark, shoulder-length hair, warm, inviting,  almond-shaped eyes, supple plump lips, an infectious smile, complete with my vivacious personality are just some of the characteristics that add to my charm. These assets combined with my soft, chocolate skin, full-figured hourglass shape, and accentuated with my large bosom render me an incomparable, elegant young woman, a refined seductress, a one-of-a kind beauty; the complete package.

If you are searching for a genuine connection with an extravagent young woman then look no further; you have come to the right place.

I am both intelligent and varied in my knowledge, thus I possess the ability to discuss with you various topics. Due to being extremely attentive and an eager learner I can quickly pick up on what exactly it is that can make your worries fade away and your troubles disappear. A lover of intimacy and passion in all forms, I am skillfully equipped to tailor each session to your needs. Be warned though, I've been told that I have an addictive personality and sessions with me are like pure bliss. 

An hour with me feels like mere seconds as we are intertwined with each other; it is over within the blink of an eye so I do encourage longer bookings if you want to be able to experience more of me. 


Undoubtedly you will not find someone else like me, 



There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.
— Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar


Height: 5'7/ 171 cm

Measurements: 36J-30-42

Education: Bachelors Degree (in progress) 

Enhancements: Natural/ None 

Ethnicity: African/ Canadian 

Eye colour: Black/dark brown

Piercings: Ears

Tattoos: None 

Favourite Drink: whiskey sour, mojito

Sexual Orientation: Bi 

More about me: 

  • My favourite colour is pink
  • I love lime Perrier 
  • I love bubble baths 
  • I cannot stand red wine
  • I'm not ticklish 
  • I've never eaten sushi 

Etiquette and Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you accommodate wardrobe requests?

Absolutely! I would love to dress to your liking. If I do not have the outfit you may certainly bring it to our meeting. With advance notice you can decide every detail of my appearance from lingerie to even what lipstick colour I will wear. 

Do you see older men? Do you see couples? Do you see *insert ethnicity*?

Yes, yes and yes. I love meeting with couples and I am open to all genders, ages, and races as long as they are respectful of me and my time. 

Are your photos recent? How do I know that your photos are accurate? 

My photos are all recent. The oldest ones were taken in March 2016 alternately you can follow me on twitter for up-to-date candid shots. 

Est-ce que tu parles français? 

Oui et non. Mon français écrit est mieux que mon oral mais le français n'est pas ma langue maternelle dont j'ai une accent anglophone. 

Can we go out for dinner/ an event?

I would love to accompany you for a dinner/ an event/ a show etc and I expect to be compensated for the time spent together. 

Do you enjoy being a companion?

I love my job. I am both a people person and a pleaser and this job is the perfect combination of both.  It has enabled me to meet and interact with amazing, kind and generous people whom I may not have had the chance to interact with in my personal life. 

Are you open-minded? What's on the menu?

I will try to answer this question as honestly as possible 

I am definitely open-minded and willing to do / try many things. As I am not a "pro-domme" for pegging and dominanatrix I do require you to bring you own equipment. I can pee on demand if you're into that kind of thing. My menu includes everything but Greek. I also do not do rimming. That being said I am better suited for clients who are not looking for a service based provider but rather a connection with an individual.

What is your cancellation policy?

My cancellation policy is as follows: please contact me at your earliest convenience in order to cancel the meeting. Failure to do so will result in me not seeing you again unless a deposit is provided. If you have cancelled on me twice a 25% non-refundable e-transfer will be required in order to secure any subsequent meetings. 

Do you accept gifts? What would you like? 

Thank-you for thinking about me. Who doesnt love presents ? Although not expected, I do accept gifts. In terms of alcohol I love vodka, rum, and gin. I do not really like wine but I prefer white. In terms of gift cards: SephoraMacThe Bay and Chapters Indigo are some places I love to shop. Alternately you may buy me something from my wishlist if you feel so inclined. 

Can I review you? 

If after a rendez-vous you would like to review by all means go ahead. I ask of you to be tasteful and mindful of some of the details you choose to share. I do require your board handle prior to meeting incase you wish to write a review.